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How can you till between 500mg and1000 on the apap hydrocodone?

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Inactive 27 Oct 2012

Hello. The 1000mg would be stronger, more potent than the 500mg. (if that is your question) Best of wishes to you, pledge

bumblebee90 27 Oct 2012

Pledge, Hey there. Sorry it's been a while since I gave you a hello. Just thought I'de say hey. Ruthie

Inactive 28 Oct 2012

Doing well Ruthie. I hope the same for you and yours. Its now early Sunday morning. (Enjoy Church) and will say, have a good one my friend. (Winston says hello) :-0)

bumblebee90 28 Oct 2012

I meant to mention Winston. I know the little feller is being as spoiled as the other's. lol. I hope you have a great Sunday and next week too. Thank you so much for you're response. You're the best. You're Friend, Ruthie. p.s. give that little Winston a big ole pet for me.:)

Inactive 28 Oct 2012

Will do Ruthie. And yes, he has a pretty good life. (knows the grill) when I start it up, hes my number 2 fan. Number 1 is Miss Abby. :-0)

bumblebee90 28 Oct 2012

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