I take MS contin twice a day, Percocet for break thru pain and and Soma twice a day. I've had 5 back surgeries. I also take Zonegran -300 mg at night, Lidocaine creme and Hormones and Cembalta. OTC meds - I take Tylenol PM sometimes. As God as my witness I take my medication as prescribed by my doctor. But when I took my urine test it showed I had diladid in my blood. I don't take that and have only had that once and that was around 2000 when I had a pick line inserted. How can this be showing up? I know 100% without a doubt, I am not taking anything else. So what is going on with my body or is some chemicals mixing. As of Wedn. 11-18 I D/C the MS contin to see if that helped and I will get my DR to try another urine test. If that's not it then I don't know what it could be. I am worried to death. Any ideas.