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How can you get some coupons on this since it is pretty expensive and my insurance won't pay?

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fall queen 9 Apr 2010

cuffcat2003, My doctor usually gives me samples of meds. like crestor,etc. If you ask, alot of drs. have cards that come with the samples from about $50.00 to $75.00 off. Also since I was laid off I usually see what pharmacies will offer a gift card for a new or transferred script it can't be used to pay for your meds., but a $25.00 gift card can come in handy towards other items you may need in the store. So in a way you are still saving. I have found coupons online by looking at the drug manufactor, they want you to spend so many are happy to send you some coupons. Good luck Fall Queen... if ther's a will theres a way!

christineATU 9 Apr 2010

Morning Queen of Falls! You are right about free samples from doctors and the online stuff. Also, go to you can print out a coupon for up to 75% off. Also, try writing a letter directly to the pharmaceutical company and they will send you an application to fill out for free medication. It's a little bit of a hassle but worth it. Good luck to you and hope you have a good day.

christineATU 9 Apr 2010

oh, and you're right about the transferring of meds to a different phamacy too. Gives you a little bonus.

fall queen 11 Apr 2010

I just got another discount med. card online at, it asks you a little info and you can print your card out and search your meds to see what discounts you may be eligible for. Fall Queen Tme to walk the dog. see ya later!

Inactive 11 Apr 2010

I have private insurance through my husbands work but I went and got online a printout of and got 75% off my meds.I just paid 13.61 for 80 percocet so it works!! Good suggestion Christine on transferring scripts.I'm on lie 7 diff meds and should do that as well. free discount card

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