I feel like we cant stop taking pain killers, I have been taking them for 6 years. I meet my wife two years ago and she is hooked on them now also. We hate that we take them all the time and that we spend so much money on them. We are now taking at least 90 to 120 mg grams of oxycodone each a day. We want to get on with our lives and prosper, but the pills are holding us back now. I say now because it didn't use to slow us down. Taking pills would make us active and do everything that needed to be done, we were none stop. Myself have always been trying to gain weight and the pills made me hungry, and i would eat, gaining weight. As far as work, it is done above and beyond. Basically, in all aspects of life, we felt like we could do it all, and did. Things were great, Although a bad thing is that my sex drive is almost completely gone, which my wife is having a hard time with. We also found our self smoking a lot too.
Lately the good feeling is fading away more and more. If we don't take them we cant get out of bed, we can't sleep, restless and horrible feeling, complete lack of motivation and simply don't want to do anything. I had to take pills just to get the motivation to write this cry for help. My question is what can we do to get our lives back. Every time we trying stopping the detox is to much to bare. Please, if anyone has any help they can offer it would be great. My family knows we take pills but not to this extent.