Since I had my lamictal increased to 300mg BID I have vision problems, mainly double vision approx 3x per week.

I saw my neurologist recently and he recommended taking 200mg three times per day to keep my baseline lower because it's probably a medication side effect. I still have double-vision at times. Without Lamictal I have tonic-clonic seizures 3x per year upon waking; never any other time of day. Do you think it's necessary that I take a morning dose of Lamictal? I went without a morning dose until I took a one time nap and had a daytime seizure.

Doc is hesitant to lower my dose because it appears to be helping with the tonic-clonic seizures. I would rather have 3 morning seizures a year than have frequent vision problems. If I ween myself off the am dose, what's the safest way?