In 2002, I went to a doctor for depression. I was 56 years old and dealing with new information about my new husband's past. I went to his court ordered doctor for help and he prescribed Adderall. I did not know what it was at first, but, trusted his judgement. I assumed he would prescribe some of the new anti-depressants and now am puzzled as to why he prescribed an addictve drug to a depressed person. I have tried and failed to to stop taking the medication. My whole life has changed. I have little or no interest in doing anything. I have no friends and often do not answer the phone.The drug has turned on me. It did help me get a teaching job, move out and get a divorce, but my body has built up a tolerance. However, when I try to stop, I go to the deepest darkest places. I am 64 years old, recently took 2 weeks to stop, but it was not long enough. I am trapped in a an existance that is spiraling downward. Please help me.