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How can I sleep less?

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Inactive 7 Jan 2012

Hello limo. It sounds as if you might suffer from Narcolepsy, a condtion of getting, always seemingly to need to sleep. Adderall is a drug created just for Narcolepsy as well as several other purposes. It helps to lose that urge of needing, wanting sleep. You might ask your doctor about Adderall. Best of wishes,pledge

Rajive Goel 7 Jan 2012

Pledge is right, nice answer.

Inactive 7 Jan 2012

Thank you Rajive appreciated.Have a nice evening,pledge

susan_2009 8 Jan 2012

After having several sleep studies done, the Dr confirmed that i do have Narcolepsy & I was started on Concerta. I take a total of 64ml a day & it has really helped. Otherwise I Cannot stay awake for more than 2 hrs at a time & driving for extended periods of time is outta the question.

Inactive 8 Jan 2012

Very good susan. Concerta is as you probably know time released. I hope it helping and you continue todo well on it,pledge

LaurieShay 7 Jan 2012

While Pledge may very well be right, there are many conditions that could cause one to sleep too much such as medications, sleep apnea to narcolepsy as Pledge says. I recommend a consultation with a sleep specialist. They might want to do a sleep study to evaluate your habits. Then they could prescribe the correct medication is needed. free discount card

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