I am a 30 year old and I have degenerative disc disease and bulging discs in my lower back. I've been seeing a doctor for 7 years and all thats been done is pain medicine management(oxycodone-30mg. 3 times a day, percocet-10mg. 1time a day, soma-350mg. 3times a day and klonopin-1mg. 3times a day) I have tenncare so I would like to get off most or all of this medication doing it at home,cause I can't afford anything else. I just want to be able to feel normal and play with my two kids and spend more time with my husband, instead of worrying about taking all this medication. I don't want to be on the meds cause it's been causing problems with family life. Please help me out with free home remedies so my withdrawls don't effect my life with my family for the next few days of trying to recover! I feel like I'm too young to be on all this medication. I'm only30, if I'm on this much right now,what about when I have more serious problems? I'm on so much, and I want off but I want to do it at home. Please help answer in any way you can, it would be so much appreciated!