Hello: During Feruary 2008, I used Rosula for a few days on an area at the side of the nostril which seemed redish, on and off for eight months. I was told by the doctor that it was good to use on oily areas of the face as well. I applied a small amount of the lotion to the nostril area, and a small area to each side of the nose/cheek, and at the center forehead area.

A day or so later, the nostril that had only appeared slightly inflammed was now with blisters or pus-filled pimples. The areas to the sides of the nose had developed red blotches in the skin. I stopped using Rosula, after a couple of weeks, the red blotches were visible but seemd they were fading. The nostril area was not as bad, but still was more red than before. The center of the forehead had become inflammed with red acne/blemishes that have persisted until now, October, 2009. These blemishes seem to have a cycle of drying out and scaling, then other appear in the same area. Also, the same happened to an area at the upper right cheek, and yet continues today.

I went from having clear skin, to now feeling like I've been scarred for life. It seems to be a reaction to Rosula, as I never used anything else.

Does anyone know of way to reverse this ??

Thank you for any info.