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How can I reduce my stuttering?

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Inactive 5 Jul 2011

Hello drsunnyking. I might share this with you. Not certain how much it will be of help to you. I stutter only when anxious. Mind you, its very profound. And its embarrasing. What I do, when it happens, is to take deep breaths, and try and relax as much as I possibly can. Some years ago, I had a major siezure, and it effected my ability to talk. My speech came back but it took months. First it was just almost inaudiable, then it came back as a slur, as if I was say, very drunk, then some time later, it came back as a stutter. Finally, it came back almost what you would say is normal. I speak several languages, and if I become excited, you know, caught up in a conversation, I will stutter. In that language, as well as in English.(meaning the stutter) Again, what works, not always but most times is just to stop talking alltogether. Then slowly, think my words, and then come out, and physically verbally, talk. Heres hoping that I some of what I said might have helped you. best wishes. free discount card

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