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How can I quit taking pain pacthes?

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Inactive 15 Mar 2011

Hi stanky,
Can you provide more information, like why were you prescribed the patch? Are you still in chronic pain?
If you want off the patch, talk to your doc about a taper plan. There is always the Suboxone route, which curbs cravings for pain opiate pain meds.

brenda fain 15 Mar 2011

ur doc can tamper u down r can give u meds to help with withdrawls !but what r u going to do for pain meds ? i assume u have chronic pain r u wouldn't b on the patch!i am on the fentanyl patch 75mcg's to help with my pain and now i don't know how i survived with out it !good luck !God bless!

LaurieShay 15 Mar 2011

Hey stanky,

What kind of pain patch are we talking about, fentynal, lidoderm or what? Would be easier to answer your question with this info. If you are on an opiate based patch you will need to taper off slowly while if you are using something like lidoderm than you are ok to just stop.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, then you may need to check into further pain control such as a long acting med. There are numerous and best to discuss with the doctor.

Good luck and post again with further info if you wish,


caringsonbj 15 Mar 2011

you will have to come to the decision can you function normally without any pain control if the answer is yes then about the only way to discontinue these is to slowly drop the dose until you have reached the lowest dose, once you do that then you should be able to discontinue the patches

madhattersbash 15 Mar 2011

Good Luck to you... I hope everything works out. People here have a lot of knowledge and can really help. Mary free discount card

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