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How can I make sure I pass a urine test if I am on probation and want to take suboxone?

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misled 27 Aug 2010

I am not sure you would need too.Suboxone is a maintenence drug for opiate abusers,In my opinion for coming off very high powered opiates ie,Oxycontin,herion,extremely high doses of oxycodone percocet,tylox. etc.Not for small dose addiction.IN MY OPINION!!! I would be sure its even Justifyed first.When I done some research on this med and realized just what kind of situation I was in,, taking it I quit an took my oxycontin back.But then I realized I was to far gone.Was doing 400-500mgs of oxycontin aday.If you can go cold turkey on what ever your on,You should before you end up like me and so many more.On small doses of opiates withdrawl seems so rough believe me when I say its gets extremely worse.Its good your trying to stop.If that in fact is what your doing! Good for you!

jyatx 27 Aug 2010

If like the other person said then you should not worry. It sounds like its a treatment to get you off heavy drugs. But the other person was just wanting to go back on the heavier drug. I think you are doing the right thing talk to whoever is prescribing the new drug. You are on the right path. But if this med you are now takeing is not prescribed then you have a probation problem. free discount card

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