hi there... been taking oxycodone recreationally [in varying doses] for about a year. there have only been a handful of days where i have not taken pills. i started at a very low dose [5 or 10 mg. a day] and now i take anywhere from 20 to 60, depending on the day. 20 mg usually just makes me not feel like crap. i do not have the option of going cold turkey and taking a week off of work or whatever... i work four nights a week bartending, but only have two days off consecutively. i CANNOT function at work without them; it's awful. i think tapering is the best option for me, but not sure where to start or what other supplements i can take to lesson the WD. the worst for me is the Restless Legs. it's the only thing i can't deal with [or remedy with OTC products. i know i can take advil/tylenol, multi vitamins, l-tyrosine, immodium, pepto, etc. for most of the symptoms.] i really need to get off these pills... it's unhealthy and geting way too expensive to maintain. my bf is dealing with the same issue, but he smokes a lot of weed and i think that helps him with WD. i DO NOT smoke weed [hate it, it gives me paranoia] so that isn't an option for me. i am going to miss the high so much; it gives me energy, makes me more outgoing, and gives me patience [much needed in my line of work dealing with people] but i am really disappointed in myself and need to get over this. i promised myself i would start 2010 drug free. i want to start eating better and excercising to get a natural high and eel better overall. i appreciate any and all suggestions. maybe i just need someone to outline a plan for me?
THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE, and happy holidays!