i will try to give you the most important information if i can. about two years ago i knew there was something going on with my son. he pretty much gave up everything in his life. no more baseball, motocross racing, hanging with certain friends... we all know the signs. he really started acting weird one day. he couldnt remember things and wasnt making any sense when he talked. this is the time my husband and i found out he was abusing xanax. since then he has been to detox center for 5 days, he has also been in rehab for 10 days. he has gone through the drug abuse program, like an AA for 30 days straight, now on and off. he sees his doctor on a regular basis who now has him on zoloft 100mg daily. he sometimes takes buspar. we have tried to do what we can to help him and i know he never wants to be at that place again. the problem is i found out that he has gotten xanax on and off all along. after talking to him i realise he is absolutely sure that he will die if his body doesnt have them. when his heart starts racing and he isnt feeling to good he will take a xanax or valum. my son is seriously not stupid, and he went through a very hard time and he truly is frightened. how can i make him believe he went through the hardest part already. that the panic feeling and not feeling well could possibly last for weeks. what do i do to help him? i would appreciate any advice.