I have been with my boyfriend for about 7 months now. he had back surgery not to long ago and put on Vicodin (hes addicted to them now) to help with the pain he had also been smoking weed (he promised he would stop). well about 3 months ago he started acting funny and lying alot i had my suspicious that he was doing other drugs (he used to be a big druggy) and every time i would ask him he cause a big fight and would make me feel so bad that i could ever think he would do anything like that. well right after chrismas we get in to this big fight and he tells me he's been using cocaine and that everytime i asked him i had been right well that night i moved out. he begged me to come back but i wouldn't. now don't get me wrong i love him so much but i know i need to do whats right for me. i talked to him a few times now and he says he wants to quite it all he says "he hit rock bottom and needs help" so i'm here for him and i want to help and support him! so i went with him to a NA meeting. and i also took all of his drug paraphernalia away so he would have no temptation (he hated it and got really pissed off at me) now he wants me to take him to pick up the last of his prescription for Vicodin and somas i dnt know if i want to let him take any more pills or anything should i take him to get his meds should i continue this way and keep making him go to meetings or am i going to push him to hard. (he says hes been sober for 4 days now)