I have been suffering with constint body pain that started in my back 8 years ago. It slowly but noticably started getting worse and than spreading. Now it has succesfully filled my body. It now controls my life. I am grateful my body has not yet fallin apart. Again my doc gave up on me..Is that even legal? Told me there is nothing he can do for me. I have been incapable of workig and am limited to my housework abilities. I chug along to the best of my abilitis until I can absoulutly not handle it.

This is not fair and deppress' me even more. Its hurting my heart so bad because Im limited to adl's and loosing my children who need thier mother that fights to the point I break into tears. I am out of tears out of strength but praying I will find an angel with an answer, atleast to get it under conrol, find some comfort. On top of the many other problems in my life currenty. I have been through surgerys and trial and error for years now. Im not interested in doctors always seem to give up on me! Desperatly praying I can find atleast how and what I can do to atleast find a way to bring the severeness pain level to provide some relief, acomfort zone, I want my life back, my family friends and fience back?

Again I have been through trial and error with this issue and finding no reliefe still. I am lost hope in them damn people who call them selves doctors only to throw thier hands up and tell you they cannot help. Bullshit, I am a cna(wishing so badly I will find and I know there is relief, even if it means attemting trial and error meds. Im at the end of my tunnel. I have lost everything and I mean a good 90% of personal life, fam, friends, even my babies, I have no money and no income at this point.

Please suggestions. Willing to try any option out there. Maybe someone that will listen and walk a day in my shoes. What is rated effective for pain control? What can you suggest I try? Maybe even a med for some relief? Or bad idea? Idk nemore,, plase Im am open and desperately in need of help, suggestions, ideas. Docs all gave up on me, yea for sure giving me hope there? What are my options? What have you found comforts you? Or atleast allows tou somewhat at ease, a comfort level, to allow more activitis. Desperate for help so please blow some magic fairy dust my way! I can not continue to live like this, so much phsycal untreated. What can you suggest to atleast find a comfort level and chace to catch up on all this past painful life?