I have cml, I take sprycel.I have been on anti-depressants for over 35 years I take 300mg. wellbutrin and 120 mg cymbalta daily. I developed high bp last october I am on my 3rd drug, and I am not handling it very well. My problem is since I started bp medicine I feel very depressed. Usually I'm a pretty upbeat person and I can cheer people up. I feel like I've lost my personality. Obviously the bp meds are affecting me what can I do? Or are there bp meds that don't cause depression? Or other anti-depressants that agree better with bp meds. I want to stop the bp meds but it's in the high range so I don't want to have a stroke either. Has anybody else encountered this problem I sure could use some advice. Also my left carotid artery is 100% blocked and it is inoperable I take plavix,aspirin,&lipitor. I have dealt with all of this pretty well until the bp problem.
Sincerely Billie