I want to give my prior methadone experience to you to better help you, help me to help myself... if you'd be so kind. So I am pastiing my comment which I do not think you read fully, no worries <3, I know you stay busy trying to assist others and you have to a life. The following post expalins a lil about myOk, thank you so much. I understand now! I was under the impression that you would go into w/d's if you took an opiate on suboxone so I'm glad to know someone is out there to help. I am so very thankful. In reference to getting on methadone I already was for like 8 yrs for opiate addiction then I went through what seems like months of wd's before I got on suboxone. I wasted some of the best years of my life in line at a methadone clinic and never made any progress. That stuff is like lethal. It was killing me in every way possible. After w/dn from methadone I don't ever want to touch that stuff again! I never had pain issues and now that I am trying to get my life straight... I have serious pain. I think I may have been flagged at my local ER bc they won't assist me with any pain management. Which sux b/c I'm not interested in abusing them. I sincerely am in pain and have unfortunately messed myself up w the hospital system due to me going there for w/ds when I was younger. I wish I could take back so many bad decisions. I wonder if anyone else has been through anything similar and if so what did they do? I'm praying for anything to relieve this back pain and allow me some sleep so I can keep up with my son. Oh I have a question... I am trying to detox off suboxone, but have ran into issues with pain and may have to take extra for pain relief at my Dr.'s request. Has anyone tried that for pain? I don't want to lose the progress I've made if my Dr. is wrong. He has been before. I can't deal with this viscious cycle anymore. I have to take myself off suboxone b/c my Dr. doesn't want me to detox for whatever reason. It may be all of the money I put in his pocket or that he really cares. I don't know anyone's true intentions these days. Thank you for all of your responses and please know they are truly appreciated.

https://www.drugs.com/answers/358742/ methadone history and why I can never go back to that methadone clinic.