I was put on fentanyl100mcg after finding a bloodclot in my brain and dealing withwith sever ulcerative colitis I recently had to have surgery to have my colon removed they took off my patch during surgery and after waking up couldn't control my pain my doc has told me to take off the patch and go cold turkey just taking percocet orlortab as needed and im on day 2and feeling detox symptoms bad I don't know what to do and my worst fear is it is going to get worse. This is really hard I wish the doctor that slapped that patch on would have told me how hard it is to get off and how much it raises ur tolerance for other pain meds they litteraly couldn't get my pain controlled after a 6hour surgery then they put on another patch and kept the iv meds coming the doc wants me off the patch before my reversal surgery for this jpouch and I want to cuss him for this cold turkey crap. Is there anything I can do to help these symptoms I have two babies one is 2 and the other is 7mths old I can't deal with these symptoms.