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How can I get off percocet without going insane?

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teal 16 Feb 2010

you just have to wean off very very slow,and you will be fine. I've went off xanax once,and i did it so slow,it took months,but doing so,i didnt go through any withdrawl symptoms at all. Just do it SLOW,cut on in half and take the rest the way your suppose to,and do that for a couple weeks,then cut down by another half,et cetera,et cetera,and you should be just fine. I know that sounds super slow,but better that way,than going through withdrawls in my opinion. It really should be ok doing it that way,if not,then talk to your doctor about them helping you with it. Good luck to you!!!

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pagal31 28 Sep 2010

That sounds perfect for me..I need to get off these percocet..thank you so much!!

cancer1967 19 Feb 2012

Thank you for your advice, I have been taking them for about 3 1/2 years and just getting tired of the feeling of them, will try it , thank again

barbles2413 17 Feb 2010

You do it with the help of your Doctor. Believe me it is not worth the risk of weaning yourself or the symptoms of withdraw. Do yourself a favor and do it the right way even though your Doctor may not have prescribed this medication for you I am sure he/she would be very helpful with your weaning process. Good luck hope this helps. Also some may give you advice on doing this on your own. PLEASE think long and hard about it before you try it yourself. I did it and it was the worst mental and physical stress I have ever experienced.

teal 17 Feb 2010

why is that? I ask because when i went off the xanax,which i read can kill you if you go cold turkey,but i weaned so slow and was fine. my doctor had talked about after surgery,weaning off percocets,slowly tappering down. I guess what im saying is that how else are they going to help you? they told me that we would slowly wean me off,so i dont understand what your saying when you said you tried that,weaning and it was just horrible,why,what happened,how slowly did you wean off? im not being a smart ass,i just want to know everything because one day im going to have to go off and i'd like to know everything before hand.

asher12 19 Feb 2010

my doctor also advised me to take my dose down slowly. if you are taking one every 3 hours for example try to take one every 3 1/2 to 4 hours and after a week or two then go to every 5 hours and so on. once you get to the six hour mark you can also try taking a half of a pill every 3 hours, then after some time stretch it out taking less every day and then also taking a lower amount when you do take them. my doctor warned me with percocet that you can possibly have seizures or a heart attack if you cut yourself off cold turkey. a slow process can be a lot safer and the emotional side effects are much easier to deal with. cold turkey can give you extreme highs and lows which can make things difficult if you have a family or are working regularly. i tried cold turkey once and ended up taking a break at work and sitting in my car for 30 minutes crying hysterically for no reason. it makes it hard to tell the difference between your real emotions and the withdrawl effects.

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bren1985 20 Feb 2010

Thank you all for your advice. I have tried or should I say started to try like you say. I just give in every time. I run out every month and end up taking loracets or whatever I can get a hold of. I feel like a crack-head ( no offense anyone) I'm sorry about that, I know what addiction is. It's a devilish monster. I do have a family. I have 3 kids of my own and I help raise teenagers that are having trouble at their homes. I have a wonderful husband. I've been tempted to talk to Doc. about my problem but, I'm scared to let her know my ugly lil secret. After all, she is my supplier. What if she cut me off. I'd be a crazy person.

asher12 23 Feb 2010

if there is someone in your life that you trust to help you with this that you may live with you might try having them control your dose. give them the bottle and tell them the process you are trying to do. you can't break if you can't get a hold of the pills. you can also take out the pills you need for the day and then give the bottle to someone who can lock it up in a fire safe box or hide them in a location that you don't know. you may have 4 pills for a 24 hour period and take them all at once but after a few hours your body will feel the withdrawls. it's uncomfortable but maybe it will help you with some self control (that is NOT meant as an insult). I did this with my boyfriend. every time I wanted a pill he would have to get it for me. he would hand me my log book and if it was too soon he wouldn't give me the medication. it caused a few fights but it was for my own good and he knew the situation. you don't have to feel like it's a dirty little secret.

hbercik 2 Dec 2012

I have been taking Percocet for 4 years since i had t1-t10 spinal fusion. I just asked my pain doctor yesterday how to get off and he said that i should wean off slowly as well. I will after i have an upcoming shoulder surgery (obviously once that pain is gone or subsided enough). What if i find that i cant and i "cheat"? Im fearful that i will be weak. :( free discount card

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