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How can I get off opiates or what can I take to ease the pain?

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LaurieShay 14 Jun 2011

Hey zappy,

To get off opiates you have three choices: cold turkey which is short on duration but have to deal with the withdrawals; taper off the pills which takes time but you avoid most of the withdrawals; or use a medication like Suboxone or Methadone which alleviates the cravings and withdrawal but you may eventaully have to get off these by having to slowly taper. So each method has its pros and cons.

To help with the withdrawals you can google the Thomas recipe. It is a list of medications to have on hand to help with the symptoms.

The learn more about Suboxone, you can go to:

Which ever method you decide,we are here to help and support your efforts.

Best wishes,


zappy 14 Jun 2011

Thank you very much Laurie this is gonna help a lot i think i preferre to do it cold turkey but i would like to know how long would the withdrawals last ??? if u have any idea please let me know.

LaurieShay 15 Jun 2011

The length of withdrawals is going to depend in part on the opiate you were abusing and how much and how often you were taking it. In general, you can figure on one to two weeks of being very uncomfortable. If you give me a little more info, I might be able to be more exact.

mustangsal2p 15 Jun 2011

Find a psyciatrist that has a license to write prescriptions for Suboxin. Call your local hospital or better yet, do what I did. Go on line under and ask for practicing physicians that are licensed to write for Suboxin in your area. Also get the addresses and phone #. There is usually only 3 or 4, depending on the population you are in. You'll probably be put on a waiting list but ask also to be put on the cancelation list, so if some one cancels, they'll call you. Then call and check with them 3 or 4 times a week, even if they show impatience by you calling so often. ( that just means you're getting to them ) If they say anything, just be nice and say " I can't help it, I need help now, not 5 months from now. I cannot live like this. " and keep calling. They will remember you when there is a cancelation. Do this to all the docs you find in your area and grab the first one that calls. Thats how I got on. They still have me on the list. In 5 months I've went from #40 to #36. Some one canceled and I went running. I dont even know why my names still on the wait list. You can find out all the details on line but trust me. This is the way to go and actually, the only thing offered for you to go. I was on 12 5/325 percs a day and 2 20 mil. oxys a day. Also 4 10 mil xanax and valium as needed, not to mention my 80 mil of Adderall a day. I did this for 7 years and was cut off flat. I damn near died and was afraid I wouldnt. When I got on this program, it saved my life. I felt the results immediatly. It was a god send. That was April 1st. I've turned down offers of opiats from my friends 1 week after. No way did I want to go back to that. Its something like the methodone program they offer heroin addicts, some heroin addicts are in my group using Suboxim instead of the Methodone. There are some rules you have to abide by, urin tests to prove you're not doing opiates and no xanax or the like, the 2 together are dangerous and a couple weeks group out patient meetings but all thats nothing compared to what yhou go through without it. I swear, you're almost happy. Good Luck, Mustangsal free discount card

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