My husband has been on Aderall for about 3 weeks now. He has had drug addiction for years. He has always said that "ADD/ADHD" didn't exist. he was in dinal! Now he thinks maybe that's what's wrong with him but not totally convinced. He is use to the speeding part of thins or Lorcets. this Aderall allows him to focus and has helped his depression and stress. Which as far as us as a family it has helped tremendously. But we own a refrigeration business (hince stress and depression) and sometimes the calls are extreme emergencies. So should he stay on the aderall or does anybody think he should change to maybe the XR or try something different. We have no experience in ADHA meds. He just has been diagnosed with this (which I have swore for years that I thought he had it!) I know it may be a process of elimination but this aderall is diffently hurting in the bedroom! Can somebody give me some kind of suggestion? Thank you so much. I really want a direct answer but if someone has something more to add I'm setting it to starting a conversation. May God bless you and your loved ones!