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How can I get my blood veins better?

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DzooBaby 25 Mar 2011

Do you mean because you have trouble when they draw blood? There is not much you can do to make your veins easier to draw blood from. Sometimes it makes it easier to drink water prior to having bloodwork drawn. If you are well hydrated, it fattens the veins up and makes them easier to access. Many labs require you to be fasting but it is usually ok to drink water. Try drinking several (2-3) 8oz. glasses of water before you go to the lab. Let them know you are a "hard stick" so they can get someone most talented to draw. Like anything else, there are some people who are better at accessing veins than other people. I'm a hard stick too. I have deep veins that are hard to access and "blow" when they do get in there so I feel your pain. I find hydrating myself before I go essential! free discount card

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