I have a chronic pain problem; a severe case of Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Disorder, and Ankylosing Spondylitis. For about 10 years I was prescribed opiates and my last dosage was 480 mgs. of Oxycontin each day plus 60 mgs.of Oxycodone IR a day. To make a long story very short my pain managemnet Dr. accused me of diverting my medicine;(which I did not do) and he discontinued my pain medicine even though my condition remains, it is well documented, and I am on SSDI for it. I cannot obtain pain meds from any other Dr. because my medical records follow me everywhere and have this diversion documented. There is only one Suboxone program in my county in Masachusetts and there is a 1 year waiting list with no guarantee of getting in the program. And there is a Catch 22,they do not accept pain patients only addicts. I've applied to the program they wont accept me. My pain is so severe I am constantly thinking of suicide. I know little about Suboxone programs. There is a private Dr. near by I have heard that has a program,but he doesnt accept insurance, but I am thinking of contacing him or any Dr. that can prescribe Suboxone. It has been months since I have been off Oxycontin and I have already gone through withdrawal and detoxing at home. So because of this I am not considered an "addict". Can anyone tell me if for example; If I got some pain pills or heroin on the street and used it for several days so that if I was tested for opiates I would get a postive result; and then I went to a Dr. or detox program would this get the ball rolling and help me get into a Suboxone or maybe Methadone program. Thanx.