I have been treated for chronic/active hep C and it worked 10 years ago. I also had Hep A and B, but did not know it until I went in for what I thought was tennis elbow and arthritis, and It turned out I also had Hep C, and autoimmune hep. Type 2, and autoimmune arthritis. I know I should not take norco, tylenol, drink and everything else that is harmful to me, because I have severe liver damage. I am afraid I don't care what happens to me. If it were not for my son and mother, I would probably not care to live. I hate these thoughts, and deep down I want to live. Somebody, please help me. I am on antidepressants, but I think I am bi-polar, and am not being treated for it. I cannot believe I am even posting this over the internet, but I need real help, and someone to help me. I have been to treatment twice, and have done AA and NA, nothing will stick. I believe in God, and am waiting for him to send me someone or even give me the will to live. I am a successful, well educated person, but am continually depressed or manic, more depressed as I get older. I know I need support and help. Can anyone help me help myself?