how can i find out about the cut off levels for a urine drug test?i am on probation and have to take a urine test. i have prescription for the meds i take, but i also have taken more than im prescribed every day ,by getting it from other ways. im not sure about how it will show up and how they do some kind of cut off level. can someone help? so im taking the same prescription meds for valium, perocet, fioricet, and adipex.but i also take more than im supposed to take every day. will i fail my drug test?i probably take double the dose im supposed to take on a daily basis. i drink as much water as i can, but my concern is that they will be able to tell that im over taking the meds. can anyone help. i really dont want to break my probation, but i dont know how they do the levels if it has to match the exact milligrams that im prescribed or if they can detect that you have more in you. please help!!!