i recently started dating someone i was with on and off for a few years. he used heroin for a long time but went through rehab and has been clean since january. i've started to worry about him possibly using again. his money seems to be depleating and i've noticed similar characteristics to the way he was when he used. granted that hes off probation and has taken up weed as a hobby, i'm very worried about heroin addiction taking over again. at night he is sweaty even though im always freezing. his eyes seem to have dark rings around them more so than usual and his pupils range in size constantly. i want to believe he is clean but i dont know how. he seems to have watery eyes and cries every now and then. i've asked him if he's used and he says no but he lies to me very easily. i want to help him but i know being in a relationship with an addict is impossible. he is a very unsocial person as is so him being in his basement all day playing video games or sleeping doesnt seem out of the ordinary. the entire time he did any of the drugs he did he never went through physical withdraw so its hard to see signs. i guess i more so wanted to vent and seek others opinions. he doesnt eat as much and starts little fights with me.. i guess i just dont know what's going on. thanks.