Thank you all for this wonderful forum. This information is very helpful.

10 weeks ago I broke my feamer and elbow falling on a bicycle. I ended up with titanium rods in my leg, and plates and pins in my elbow. I spent 7 weeks living in a rehab center waiting or my bones to heal, non-weight baring. I was put on an opiate IV, then oxycoton and percacet for about a month, then I weaned myself onto Tramadol, being told it was non-opiate, non addictive. I thought I was doing a good thing!

I am home now, living alone, just getting back on my feet... still in physical pain, not able to do a lot of solid exercise as my body is still healing and needing to regain my strength. Hobbling on a cane, doing physical therapy.

In the rehab center I was taking 4 50 mg pills of tramadol a day. I am currently down to taking about 2 pills a day at 50mg each, sometimes cutting them in half, but the half dosages feel like quite a bit less. I would love to stop altogether, especially after reading this forum, but any day I don't take any I am in withdrawals. I feel a lot of depression, emotional basket case, going through the chills and sweats, no sleep, sudden pains in my body, my surgery spots aching, not wanting to get out of bed etc. It's hard to tell what is the pain of healing, and what is the pain of the withdrawal from this drug.

Any suggestions for how to still get some pain relief for my healing body, and not get any more hooked on this or any other drug? I've never been addicted to anything. I do like herbal remedies. How can I get my natural seratonin going again?

Thank you all for your love and support!