also i was diagnosed with GAD (gen anxiety disorder) around 2001 and was prescribed .5mg of xanax 3x a day but moved and lost my insurance arouind 2004 so i've just been getting them off the streets..I'v always taken my xans as needed (no more then 2mg a day max)... but around 2006 started taking lortabs and became addicted and then it got to where i was using as much as 3 roxi 30's a day or 7 to 10 perc 7.5's daily..So last monday i decided to go with the methadone clinic and they started me on 25mg per day,and i dont want to go any higher because im scared of getting hooked on it as well and from what i've seen its horrible symptoms when coming off of... i dont wanna make my situation worse i want to get better..Im also very worried i wont be off the done before oct 8th (which was my plan to begin with,because on that date i have to do 21 days in jail) :( Sorry my mind is fuzzy and this may not make a lick of sense... PLEASE any help is greatly appreciated