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How bad is taking anabolics en aral form to mi liver?

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lil_flutterby 31 Oct 2011

When steroids are administered orally, absorption is much more complex than when administered intravenously. The drug has to bypass a number of barriers before it can get into the blood stream and do its thing. First, it must get past the acid in the stomach. Second, it must over come bacteria in the small intestines. Third, it must survive changes in the small intestines. Finally, it must survive the metabolism process in the liver known as the first pass effect.

During the first pass effect, blood travels to the liver as part of a filtering system where enzymes in the liver metabolize or change part of a drug before it enters the bloodstream. Enzymes are proteins that change drugs in the body and also help biochemical reactions occur.

Metabolism is the chemical change a drug goes through in the body. The major place where this takes place is in the liver.

The biggest risk you take with steroids is damage to the liver. The liver is the most versatile and amazing organ in the body. Every minute, about three pints of blood pass through the liver. At any time, the liver contains about 10% of all the blood in the body. It helps the blood digest food substances and excretes waste materials, toxins, steroids, estrogen, and other hormones. It also stores sugar and glycogen, iron, copper, vitamin A, several of the B vitamins, and Vitamin D and also produces proteins. Without a properly working liver, you are in big trouble!

When steroids, are taken orally, they need to be detoxified by the liver through the metabolism process discussed above. The liver works harder to eliminate poisonous substances and toxins produced by steroids. As a result, hepatitis or inflammation of the liver can occur. Hepatitis can easily lead to cirrhosis of the liver, a condition of progressive scarring. Cirrhosis is a disease so severe, that it kills all the liver cells, causing liver failure.

Reading the above , I would very seriously consider if its worth taking any steroids for receational use. Steroids can be used for many other medical conditions , but even in those the use is closely monitored by bloodtests etc , to make sure no damage is being done to internal organs.

I hope this answer helped you.

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