I've spent the last 13 years of my life abusing opiates, such as heroin, oxy's until I was 20. At that point I had lost everything and was juggling a crack addiction to boot, so I decided to try methadone thinking it was an easy way out, though I knew it was bullshit, I continued to use and withdrawal from the world for a good 5 years. By this time I was done mentally and physically, I had no life or emotion left in me and I wanted to die. So in my usual cowardly way it took me a long time to taper down and then quit. It took a whole month to feel better it was terrible and then another 3 months to emotionally recover. What I found after climbing out of my coma was life, love and energy, it was like I was born again and I moved to California with some old friends who really cared for me and then had to much fun drinking and partying all day until I broke down and met someone at work who had access and used methadone. Can you believe that, I moved thousands of miles and I had to meet the one guy who not only used opiateS but the one opiate I loved. So, once again I was using and I had just met an awesome woman who is now my wife. After 3 months, I decided to find a doc who prescribed suboxone. Thinking it was better than methadone and realizing that I needed time to work out the demons that have been haunting me for 20 years. So, after 2 years here I am trying to cut down and I'm now at 1.5 mg. I'm wandering what I should do from here and how to finish? Obviously, I have had my share of experience detoxing from every opiate, but I would like to hear from others who have successfully detoxed and stayed clean. What's your secret? Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.