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How bad is it to have the menstrual Fluids stay in the vagina?

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DzooBaby 21 Oct 2011

Can you explain a little more what you mean? Are you talking about taking pills that reduce or stop your monthly flows or are you talking about something else altogether like blocking the vagina to prevent the fluids from draining out of the body? I'm unclear on what you mean. Could you clarify a bit about what you are talking about?

Cheryl121764 21 Oct 2011

I was put on Norethindrone, because I was only menstruating every 6 months to once a year, My periods were becoming extremely heavy and painful. That was when she put me on the medication. I have been wondering and worrying, if stopping the flow would cause problems. If i miss one day of this medicine, I spot and cramp. So there is obviously fluid there to come out. Does this help?

DzooBaby 22 Oct 2011

First of all-what is your age. and second- are you having regular periods now? It is possible that you just might need a D&C to clear things up. Have they said anything about fibroids or anything like that.? It doesnt hurt to stop periods with hormones. The hormones should prevent the uterine lining from building up. Periods are the shedding of the nice plushy blood rich lining the uterus builds each month in case an egg is fertilized and it can bury itself in this plushy lining as the placenta develops so if this lining is not being built up then there is nothing to shed as a period. Sometimes the lining builds but doesnt shed and in this case sometimes a D&C is needed to clean up the extra lining that has not shed. Does thishelp you understand better or have I confused you more?.

Cheryl121764 22 Oct 2011

Im 46 almost 47, I am perimenopause, she used the drug to stop the very heavy menstration I was having. Mind you I hadnt had a period in over a year prior to this. Thanks for taking the time to explain how the lining etc, works. But I know how it all works. I am just concerned about taking this medicine for long term, I take 10 mg every day.

DzooBaby 24 Oct 2011

Ask her your questions. She is there to help you and you have a right to get all of your questions answered. Ask her if there are any alternate treatments. You can always go for a second opinion too. Dont be shy and dont let her leave the room until you are satisfied and have your answers to your satisfaction. Does she have a PA or nurse practitioner? Sometimes if you schedule with them they are better at explaining and answering questions than the Dr is-just a thought. Sorry if that was more info than you needed but I have done family planning a long time and it never ceases to amaze me how many women have no idea of how their body works and why. I just wanted you to be sure to have an understanding of how it works and I wasnt sure how much you knew. free discount card

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