facet arthritis, scoliosis, bursitis,TMJ, the list goes on... - especially after i was left on my own after 25yrs. of marriage. my illnesses and the many drugs i must take to try and control the pain have made it nearly impossible to get out and believe that there are people out there that might want to be involved with me. i need people in my life and i want to be needed right back... to feel like i have a purpose again. i feel so lost and i need to turn this around but don't know how - especially with so much pain. please help me and give me suggestions. i need help on so many levels. i want to be part of life again. i'm so tired of my life being about my problems and pain. i am more than a sick person... i miss having fun and laughing - even just walking my dog! is there anyone out in albuquerque, n.m that might read this and want to respond?? there are so many folks on this site that have awful illness - how do you all deal with the loss of life?? i absolutely need help. please help me! p.s. - i am not religiously oriented - but i do have a spiritual side. please.