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How aften should one get a tetnus booster if you haven't had one in 50 yrs?

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meyati 1 Oct 2011

Now-go get one As Soon As Possible- ASAP-. A tetnus booster is needed about every 8 years. You can scratch yourself on wood or steel and get tetnus. Tetnus is carried by horses, cows, and other animals. It's in the dirt and wood. When I was around horses and cows, my doctors had me get one almost every year. The last day of May 2011, I was walking my dogs. 2 big dogs jumped on my female and knocked her down. I was trying to hold my dogs, and my arm was very bloody from being scraped back and forth on the sidewalk. My doctors were very happy that my last tetnus shot was 3 years ago. Tetnus shots are to help keep you well during an accident. get your shot- and good luck-Tetnus is a painful and horrible way to die. free discount card

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