When I was 27 I was diagnosed with shingles for the first time, at 30 I got diagnosed with a second time. ( the best way is.. when & if you have ever had a water blister from wearing new shoes in & that the blister broke open... it hurts so bad right? Imagine having about two thousand of those along your rib cage and breast line. in the meantime since my early twenties I had already been suffering from major depression and severe anxiety, GAD.. for those out who know what a true severe panic attack feels like knows it's no fun whatsoever. Along with dealing with these issues, I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis along with acute fibromyalgia.

I had a wonderful Dr who was very understanding & also baffled at the same time
This is the regimen he had me on and it was working so wonderful for me, and it makes me so angry to hear that I was quote over medicated! Of course I would use the generic.. but I will just say name brand

1: 2 mg Xanax 4× daily
2: 20 mg prozac 2× daily
3: 350 mg Soma 3× daily
4: Narco 10/325 4× daily
5: Oxycodone 30mg for break through 6×

Of course If my day was not going that bad I would not take but maybe half my prescription, about 4 days out of the week I could tell if it was going to be a bad day by just putting my foot on the ground.
My doctor as of 3 weeks ago is now gone from the clinic that been seeing for 3+ yrs.. my doctor's heart was intended to help the VA, and that's where his passion lied.

He was the most understanding, patient and compassionate man I had ever encountered. I even went as far as letting him take my father on as a patient ( which it is just my father and myself in this world. My father got into a car accident about 10 years ago has two fused disks his neck, 6 herniated disc in his back and also and knee that is bone on bone.) My father had always suffered from pain due to having scoliosis as a child but no matter what he always worked hard to give his best to his family.
We had truly felt blessed. Our DR. had always let us come in the same day & and even sweeter sit in the same room together. This doctor was so compassionate that he only made us come every two months because he knew the both of us I had to be on disability so he knew that times are rough for both of us. Now that's what I call a doctor, a TRUE physician, who DIDN'T just care about the $$$$.. He was actually in it for the true calling of helping others.

Unfortunately, as usual somebody comes in and ruins it for individuals who are in chronic pain and Individuals who are good people, who abide by the rules..

My doctor prior to this doctor, had me on almost the same regimen but, the one that I was just in the last three years, just increased my breakthrough 30 mg oxycodone just so I can get out of bed and try to have a normal day, be able to go spend time with my godson, just go and appreciate the little things in life.
The ONLY reason I switched Dr's is because my old one went into retirement...

The past month or so has been a living nightmare!! I feel like a broken record having to call Dr's on my network, referrals, you name it!!!
Literally 18 calls later, and still nothing!
They look at you like you're a leper for some lowlife and that is not fair! Especially when you have every single record to back you up... no bad notes, marks, nothing...

For being a young woman who was always healthy and active... going to school, working hard, making a great living. It's been extremely difficult to come to terms... I suppose that's what was meant for me in life though... it is taken time to realize that I have to be on disability and also and also truly suffer from something I can't control.

So, why in the world can I not find a doctor in Houston??

Ever since all of this happened I've had a quote. " Even though there are a lot of bad people who take advantage of prescription medications and narcotics, there is still good people in the world and not everybody should be frowned down uponpre-judged, or treated like a criminal and yes I realize these doctors want their money but, isn't that what insurance is for??"

So to finalize my statement... I have always respected the DEA... but, my goodness.. to put the fear in physicians is not the answer!!! There are plenty of other things that can be done, don't let good people suffer, from things they cannot control. We were all granted ONE life. We have to accept the hands were dealt
I Do Not feel as if I was over medicated.. I was able to live a life again. Now it's just sheer agony... When you only have one family member ( my papa) that you hate seeing in pain more than yourself. ..
And you can't help that some of the problems have been hereditary throughout your family within generations...

I really hope a patient, nurse or DOCTOR in Houston reads this.. any suggestions or comments welcome. .