I've been taking 20mg Lexapro for almost a year now along with Zanax, Klonopin, and Ambien all at the same time and if I would've known about the withdrawals I would have NEVER got on Lexapro!!! I have been in and out of temporary jobs and everyone knows that if you don't have health insurance the cost of lex can be overwhelming, so I tried quiting cold turkey about two weks ago and did tell my doctor (he advised me to wean myself off) but I couldn't afford to wean off slowly so I was sort of forced to wean of with 10 lexapro 20mg pills in total; that's all I could afford to buy at the time. After finishing the ten graudually breaking down from 20mg to 10 mg to 5 mg then nothing I immedially started feeling very strange. It's like the withdrawals seem to worsen with time, rather than get better... for me anyway.

So the first day or two without any lex I started feeling light headed, nausious, and dizzy, then after about five days I started getting these tingally/zappy feelings all around my body, primarily in my chest, finger tips, legs, and head as well as tunnel vision whenever I would get up. After two weeks of no lexapro all of these sensations got even worse, I mean incredibly worse... I felt like I was going to passout, or even have a heart attack, or die! It got so bad that I could hardly talk, think, concentrate, get up in the mornings, and really... have a normal life. I wanted to stay home everyday, cry, pray not to die, and got extremely anxious and irritable with everyone and the zapping feeling increased and developed into a horrible, HORRIBLE vibrating feeling, like getting shocked with every movement. I could hardly breath and sleep, even with Ambien was impossible!!!

After enduring all of these symptoms for two weeks without them lessoning at all I finally called my pharmacy and bought 30 pills, so currently I'm back on Lexapro 20mg and feeling much much better but I'm so upset that I wasn't given any information regarding withdrawal symptoms with this drug by my prescribing doctor. It's literally hell on earth and in your mind and body. I hope to one day get off this medication the right way and, honestly I would rather deal with extreme anxiety and panic attacks than go through that again!!! This medication should seriously be re-evaulated and every docter should explain the nature of what kind of serious symptoms can and probably will happen with most people.

I wanted to tell all of you who are suffering, just like I that your not alone, or crazy... this can be a very effective medication but the withdrawals are pure hell! If anyone has any input on how to lesson the symptoms while weaning off lex, please comment, you will not only be helping me but thousands of others in the same situation.