Hi, Problems started with long term ( athletes foot ), & tinea. Went to ER after several treatments Tina cured. In middle of many ER visits for above I started to have red infections all over my body. Not normal pimples, no popping, just liquid, like small infections. Seems as if I have Staph. From tests of sites no staph, came back as gram - Have always had rosacea, acne (bad as a kid, took accutane ), and skin problems but nothing like this! They seem more like ingrown hairs but are not always in the right area for them to be ingrown hairs, red, sore, itchy, infected. One thing is for sure. Since I started Doxcycline Hyclate, 50MG 2 day, it goes away. Been on it for 5 months. If I miss a dose it comes right back, does this prove anything? Perhaps that it is Bacterial? After 3 Apps and almost 8 months I have zero answers. 3 biopsies, nothing. Would a nasal test for bacteria be the next thing to have done? Can anyone please give me ideas on what to say to him so he will not dismiss me? Does Gram - Folliculitus seem possible? I keep thinking the fact the antibiotics keep it at bay m be helpful? This seemed to have started when I had an open cut in toe and was visiting ER. No pets, no Allergies, no drug interaction, etc. Any help means so much, direct or as a conversation. They start as a small raised red itchy bump I tend to scratch then it becomes infected horribly the worse from there.