Hello all! I have been taking Percoset and Vicodin only for a few weeks and only 1-3 pills daily. Nothing hardcore, but I noticed I was at the point where I felt like I couldn't function without it. My bf is a recovering addict and he had a bottle of Suboxone left over. I had taken my last Percocet yesterday morning and last night was pretty depressed about not being able to find any. He suggested I try Suboxone and use that to wean off before I become addicted. I took the entire 8mg pill last night and BOY was that a mistake. I could NOT function. Very dizzy, very nauseous. My whole body felt heavy. I was even nodding off sitting up. Today I felt the same way most of the day. The best way i can describe it is motion sickness. I felt the same way I feel when I get sick on an airplane. :) It's hitting the 24 hour mark and I'm finally starting to feel close to normal again. My question is: Was 8mg too much to start with or was I not taking enough opiates to even need this to stop cold turkey? Thanks for the advice!