So i've been having this horrible cough for about 3 weeks , it got to the point where i was just so congested and constantly coughing to the point where i couldn't breathe . So i finally went to urgent care and they diagnosed me with acute bronchitis they prescribed me bozonatate 100 mg for my cough but that didn't work at all then i recently got prescribed cheratussin AC and i'm still coughing up a lung ! its to the point where im vomiting everything i eat and i'm cramping from how hard i'm coughing . i've done research and i've heard that promethazine with codiene will help can i get any suggestions or feed back about this? im also currently taking azithromicin (which is helping alot ) and i'm using an inhaler as well ,the shortness of breath is gone and my chest isn't tight basically all my symptoms are going away its just this awful cough that driving me nuts!! i've been only getting 2 hours of sleep because of it .