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I have horrendous scarring and discolouration caused by Levemir. Does anyone else have this?

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FIRETRUCK48TN 27 Jul 2016

I do have a number of places on my abdomen that are red and hard. I try to find "soft" places and vary them daily. I do not reinject in the same place until it has recovered. Still my abdomen resembles a pin cushion. My doctor is of the school that wants me consistently below 100 (above 70). The only time I can reach those goals is when I am also on an antibiotic (for a bug bite of some type). Following the Dr's titration plan has moved my insulin dosage to 130 units twice a day. She does not want me to exceed 65 units per injection. So you can see that is 4 big injections per day.

Sadly, even at these dosage levels I am still hitting from 150-160 most mornings of late. I feel that I have a systemic infection. My Dr is very cautious about antibiotics overuse so I am kind a stuck (literally and figuratively). She did give me a Rx for Tojeho which I have yet to start. The goal was to reduce the volume of injectant. I will see how that goes once I start it.

Good luck to you "JintyC". Diabetes is a horrible disease. (Thanks Mom <G>). I just hope I did not forward this to my daughter. free discount card

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