I am 21 years old. normal weight, normal all around. However, I have not felt right lately. I feel like there is a major push and pull with me. to the point where i feel like there are 2 of me. I will go from happy and relaxed to anxiety, and fear, self hate, and have a negative outlook on everything. its awful. I definetely havent been the same since i started my birth control. which is when this all started, about 6 months ago... But Jan. was really difficult. I do not feel right. My head is jumbled and i don't know what is wrong with me. I recently took plan b on top on my bc, which i think might be making it worse. My dr wants me to finish up the pack i am on before we try another BC, so i wont switch for another 2 weeks. How do i go back to feeling normal? is there anything i can do to calm my nerves because i feel helpless.

My dad, bipolar and manic depressive. Could it be manifesting in me? or am i just reading too much into it. I'm really scared.