At age 29 had a complete hysterectomoy. Started using premarin at age 40 then went off them, but now after I have been doing some reading on this on all the studies it is proven thart women with out a uterus need hormones to protect the heart, but if you smoke the benefits zre not as helpful. I have not felt the same since my hysterectomy. That soft feeling is gone, I have trouble sleeping, mentally I had to go on Zoloft, now the doc finally gave me the Estrerdel premarin and testostrome mixed. I have been feeling better but think I need to go up in the dose. Any one else have any imput?? I did not realize that our ovaries produced 2/3 of the testostrome we have in our bodies and when that is gone your feeling of well being can go as well. Why are doctors not talking to there patiences about this. Maybe it is something we need to learn and decided for ourselves?? any feed back woul greatly be appreciated.