Im trying 10mcg vagifem for my 1st, thank God no side affects I'm a ware of. I never took any meds for hormones, its been since 97, when they remove everything I'm 38 now. So wit out taken any hormones meds in my life, I noticed it started to hurt me really bad, when I had sex, I would be sore not wanting sex, I went from every other day, to 3 times a week, to 1time a week, in da last 2 yrs it really got bad, & went from once a month, to none at all, without sex for 2 to 3 months. at a time. When i tryed to have sex he would have to get a quicky. or no sex at all if the touch, soreness & tenderness & pain. This problem cost me my marriage & my last relationship, now I have been without sex 10 months now, I'm n need. So since I'm not feeling any soreness or bad pains, hurting really bad. Do u think I can handle a penise now & get my sex life back so I can be happy once again. And what PULSIES do this meds give u far not being dry anymore, I guess some type of good feeling I been missing out on since 97, when I my doctor she said I would enjoy it even better, by using this med are other meds they recamen. I truly thought I was alone going threw this, since the things my family doctor did, that didn't help me for years, so when I finally seen a GYN
Feb. 4, lady doctor at that... I cried like a baby with relief ... can any1 tell me did they get there sex life back, did the sex feel better then it use to be. Did your walls gain there strength back, so u could handle da touch of a penis, pls I would love to know what you ladies have to say, all this is my 1st time wit any meds
for my hormones... thank u