I have diabetes 2, was on metformin had problems with it and so I decided to start just not taking meds and eating right, which I have been..cutting out soda was the hardest for me..lol love my coca cola... anyhow now that I did all the right things I took my level this morning and mind u didn't eat nothing during the middle of night in fact I hardly ever eat at all, never have an appetetite, but usually force myself 2 eat something lite etc..anyway my sugar was 158 with drinking just water all during the night... I was told that I should keep it no higher then 100..anyone no or can give advice on a good med with the least side effects and trust me I of all people no what works for one doesn't mean will work for me..lol but I just would like some names thrown out there so I can do some research before seeing my pcp... love u all..and thanks in advance..angel1662