At first my doctor thought I had benign positional vertigo... but I don't really feel "dizzy", more light-headed. And my eyes don't twitch. And the repositioning exercises have not helped. Then I was being treated for migraines, which seemed to make sense... headache, sensitivity to light, sound, smell... only migraine meds don't help! The only thing that helps, is time. It takes hours, or even days, of lying still, in bed, in the dark, away from noise, heat, and smells, for the headache to finally pass. Cold packs on the front and back of my head do help a little. I'm 42 yrs old and never had migraines or headaches of this kind. They started after I fell in the middle of the night, in late May 2013, and hit my head on the door jam. I didn't black out, just felt light headed, and seemed to loose my balance and fell. I had a lump, and bruise on my forehead. I did not go to the doctor at that time. My first "episode" happened on an out of state trip, and I thought perhaps it was motion sickness. I took Dramamine, which knocked me out for the rest of the trip, and I left it at that. It happened again on my next long car trip. And nothing helped. I was just miserable. Headache, nausea. Then it began happening on short trips to town, whether I was a passenger or driving. Now I get headaches simply from walking into the next room. It seems to be both the position and movement that triggers things. Just going from lying down to sitting up causes a slight headache. Then getting up and walking makes the headache worse. Just getting up, I seem to have an issue with balance. I think the nausea happens when the headache gets bad. Zofran sometimes helps the nausea. The headache starts at the top/front of my head, behind my forehead. As it worsens I feel it at the base of my skull as well. I feel a "pressure" behind my eyes, but not like eye strain, like you'd get from reading a lot. When I feel that eye "pressure" is about when the nausea kicks in. When the headache is REALLY bad, my temples throb. I also feel a strange pressure very deep in my ear. Yes I've been checked for ear infections an am clear. But it's not like when you feel your ears pop, it's deeper than that. I know... it all sounds very weird, and I'm starting to feel like I'm losing my MIND!!! I had a head CT done a week ago and was told it was clear. I also deal with fibromyalgia, and use 100mcg fentanyl patches and 10-325 Norco for break through pain. These "episodes" began before my last increase in fentanyl from 75mcg to the current 100mcg. Though I don't really think it's the pain meds causing the episodes, I would also like to get off of them as well. I'd like to switch to holistic medicine, but I live in a rural area, and it's just not accessible here. :( I'd be very eager to hear from anyone on the topic of holistic treatment, fibromyalgia, and if you have any clue about these "episodes" please share. Thank you!