Yesterday was a bit hectic I was getting ticked off because I was having a hard time to get a hold of somebody take me to Walmart... finallty got one after three hours I came real close in finding a different company whom deal with persons like myself.

I was real close because the lady that forsees the scheduling she had, I think three lined up--- the one they origially had in the first place she never showed up I called Colleen said that girl never showed up after a hour of waiting for her... geesh. I was seriously thinking about contacting the head boss... case management. I did have tad of a panic attack it passed after taking my nerve meds.

Finally, finally got somebody to fill in so they can get me to the store she wasn't one of the regulars. I have somebody to fill as a temporary... then on Monday I'll have a "permanent" helper--- there they go with the "P" word... Permanent. LOL

I keep on getting so anxious I keep on getting these anxiety attacks. I can understand about yesterday but for today I don't know what is going on today... hmm <scratching my head>.I have a doctors appt with this afternonl. I hope all goes well today.