i have been taking "H" & have previously detoxed with suboxone though my drug use was less when i did it seemed to work wonders for me & i got clean,but the last 2times i have tried to detox using suboxone i was put into heavy WDs&the1st time it happened it was a nightmare,the2nd time i waited 26hrs to take it,it did nothing for me&i took 4mg,then another4mg of it&if anything it made me colder&i want to try it again as i really want to get clean&return to my meetings.i am wondering if my body is rejecting it?or what is going on?is it because i am using more now that this has happened and if i take it again,will this happen to me again?i have a child in my care&do not want to risk going into those awful WDs again,i was so ill i was lucky to have been able to pick her up at school that day after it started to pass.i was paranoid,sick&depressed.does anyone have any advice they can offer on this as i have read many articles where this has happened to people&am not the only one?i am starting to question myself&wonder if there are certain people,like me,that the sub does not agree with them?but why was it ok for me to take it before&then the last 2times i couldnt?please someone help me,i cant go on living like this?im going back to my meetings&have some support,i just dont want to ask these things there as i already have&was given the advice to do it"cold turkey",though it is quite hard to do so&look after my child,so i want to try this tommorow,as my last use was today&i want to try after 24+hours again&hope it goes ok,ive been praying it works this time round.i'd appreciate any feedback anyone can offer&if this has happened to anyone aswell&then it started working again?i will probably go into WD tommorrow morning after24hrs as i start WD pretty quikly these days due to the quantities i have been taking,i feel trapped&want to stop using&get clean again with all my heart,im willing to risk WD but id rather do it right so i get through this though.