He is at times unable to heat food, to slice and onion and parsley (they "confused" him); has some respite for sleeping a few hours when he takes his one daily dose of suboxet at bedtime, otherwise is in pain level 6-9; puts off bathing due to pain of water (regardless of temperature) on his skin; gets "stuck" as he calls it, in a posture; complains that he cannot think, and of course, is battling severe despondency over his situation: unmanageable pain, he detoxed from oxy and meth 10 weeks ago (having taken them exactly as his primary doctor prescribed) under a psychiatrist's supervision who did not care to know that tapering beyond 0.5 mg daily was required or compassionate. We are going to try a cc of suboxet water solution in a piece of sponge cake or even a piece of plastic sponge since holding the water under his tongue is hard to impossible. I wonder now if anyone has made patches? What glue, material, etc. I fear the pain of removal would make it extremely challenging for use, but he is desperate. Perhaps no glue - an idea? He cannot do much other than lie down trying to bear the pain anyway, and lives alone. What is absorption of such a solution, where to place the patch, etc.? Trial and error is extremely risky at this time. Thanks.