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What are some home remedies for anxiety please help I'm trying to not be so dependent on my meds, ?

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There are quite a few options for natural remedies. Although most can't be taken with prescriptions. Are you taking ssris or snris? I was always told by my doctor that because those act on your neurotransmitters that natural things would then be unsafe to mix with them and try herbal. That being said I am done with medication and have found help in calming my anxiety from my amino acids, my lemon balm tea, my essential oils and meditation. Oh and exercise is huge! I hope any of that helps. I also have been feeling better from general healthful things like omega 3, probiotics, turmeric and vitamin d 3. Most of those have been helping with my detox though and not so much the overall anxiety. I know how much not wanting to be dependent on meds can increase your anxiety! Best of luck!

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Rescue gum is herbal and helps for mild anxiety and you can even chew it while doing something that makes you nervous.also I have a couple songs that relax me that I always keep on hand. For more severe anxiety I use pain doesn't have to be anything serious just pinch yourself or dig your nails into your hands. It gives me a moment to refocus. I prefer not to take anxiety meds everyday but I do keep them on hand for serious attacks. Also try a dbt book its mostly for bpd but they have a whole chapter on ways to calm and distract yourself that would be good for anxiety free discount card

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