... I am preparing to detox a valuable friend from a 2-3 year methamphetamine addiction. I have prepared a diet of B VITAMINS protien, chicken, almonds, bananas etc to replenish her DOPAMINE levels, should i also get some PHENYLALAMINE AND TYROSINE from the chemist in addition to this?

Also to help with depression associated with addiction I am looking to give her VALIUM (1: to act as a filler during the placebo period of anti-depressants. 2: as a sedative during the detox period) for 2 weeks during detox. Followed by 3-6 month period on PROZAC to aid with her seratonin levels. As i dont think prozac is good for long term use the last month will be used as a discontinuation period then onto VENLAFAXINE to absorb the natural seratonin that her body should be producing by this time. dosage for this will be only 37.5-75mg to prevent onset of seratonin syndrome.

do you think this is the best way to handle the medicated side of her detox or does any one have any more preferable solutions.

i considered non-medicated alternatives but this girl is out of control.

thanks to any one able to assist me in this